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With the average consumer being bombarded by product images and advertising, how do you get your products and your brand noticed? How do you even get your marketing message heard above the din of 24/7 advertising? To be successful, you need stunning, evocative, edgy and emotional photography to help sell your message. This is what Talha Gursoy, Cinematographer Washington DC wedding photographers provides

Director of Photography DC

I have a passion to tell stories with moving pictures.

My photography combines art with commercial appeal. I strive to evoke the emotion of your product as well as its physical attributes. I don’t think that marketing and art have to be mutually exclusive terms. Good art photography can be invaluable in helping consumers see the value of your products, services and brand.

I take the time to learn about your company, your typical customers and your target market before I take out my equipment. I understand that the same angle and the same lighting can yield very different results, depending of the skill–and the art–of the photographer or Washington DC wedding photographers.

Washington DC wedding photographers

Ten years of working in the fashion and film industry in director of photography DC, Washington DC area means that I have the contacts, skills and knowledge you need to make your catalog photography pop.


I’m not only skilled at evoking emotion with my photography, cinematographer dc but helping you and your brand be successfully through visual images is my life’s work and my passion.

Marketing savvy

More than a decade in the fashion photography business has taught me what works and work isn’t as successful. I put this experience to work for you when you hire me for a shoot. Doesn’t your company deserve that competitive edge?


When you work with me, your artwork won’t look just like that in every other catalog in your industry. You can trust me to bring the subtle variations and nuances that make your catalog stand out from the myrid of other products on the market.


Some of my works


To learn more about how my photography can help your products and your brand succeed, contact me today by filling the form or you can send me email directly. I look forward to working with you!

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